StoRegister is a Cloud Based Self Storage Management Software specially designed for Self Storage Business Owners and Self-Storage Managers as a one stop solution to minimize operational difficulty using the on-demand features.

Our team of experts will engage with you right from your inquiry throughout the journey anytime. Our Customer Success Team will handle complete Account Setup process to be readily available for you to use the application.

We understand standard pricing structure does not work for every Business so contact our sales team for personalised quote based on the number of spaces you are operating.

StoRegister offers support round the call via Chat, Email and Phone. Your emails will be answered within 24 hours and ETA for resolution will be between 1 to 7 working days based on the criticality of the issue.

Single Sign On is a secured authentication process and it acts as a universal platform for Users to use one login credential to access multiple applications.

StoRegister manages all the User access via IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform, and we also integrated with external provides like Microsoft and Google.

StoRegister currently supports 20+ language namely., English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, Malay, Hindi, Urdu.

We integrate with Stripe include SEPA Payment, Nets, GoCardless. Netcash and HyperPay is our pipeline. We open to integrate with other payment solutions based on client's request.

Currently we integrate with Unloc, Noke, PTI, BearBox and KAS. We are open integrate with leading gate access solution providers based on demand.

Yes, we integrate with HubSpot CRM and Agile CRM is in our Pipeline. In reference to Accounting Solution, we have Visma, Xero and Sage integrations in our pipeline.

Yes, we do have open APIs for our clients to customize their website booking and customer login page. Also, our APIs can be used to develop your mobile app. We offer complete documentation for developers to use our APIs.

As our developers are lined up with on demand features in web application, mobile application is in our roadmap which is scheduled to launch in 2022.

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