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Embrace the Digital Era with Storegister's Advanced Self Storage Management Solution

Discover Storegister's cutting-edge self storage unit management software, designed to streamline your facility's operations with a modern and user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to traditional paper and pen methods and embrace the top-notch automation to elevate your self storage business to new heights. Experience the convenience of managing your units efficiently and effectively with Storegister's state-of-the-art technology.

Facility Setup

Facility Setup

Effortlessly manage temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled units, whether they are situated on the ground level or within multi-level buildings with Storegister's Unit Storage Management Software.

Self Storage Client Portal

"Self Service" Online Booking

Empower your customers with the convenience of booking suitable units themselves through our tenant portal. They can access lease information anytime without the need to contact you, providing a seamless "Self-Service" experience.



Seamlessly integrate with industry-specific third-party tools, and we are open to accommodating your preferred third-party tools upon request. Enhance your self storage operations by integrating with complementary systems.

Self Storage Customer Portal

Inbuilt Automation

Streamline your business processes with Storegister's advanced inbuilt automation. Enjoy uninterrupted payment processing along with dynamic features such as discounts, late fees, and more, ensuring efficient and hassle-free management.

Temperature-Controlled Unit Storage

Discover the flexibility of Storegister's Unit Storage Management Software in setting up Temperature-Controlled units, also known as Climate-Controlled, Cool Storage, or Air-Conditioned Storage. For detailed specifications on managing temperature-controlled units, please get in touch with our sales team.

  • Level Management
  • Group Temperature Controlled Units by size and Rent
  • Showcase Amenities
Temperature Controlled Unit Storage

Non-Temperature Controlled Unit Storage

Explore the convenience of setting up Non-Temperature Controlled units with StoRegister's Unit Storage Management Software, also known as Non-Climate Controlled or Non-Air-Conditioned Storage. These units are standard units that do not require any technical specifications.

  • Level Management
  • Group Non-Temperature Controlled Units by size and Rent
  • Showcase Amenities
Non-Temperature Controlled Unit Storage


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