What is the need for Modern Self Storage Software?

June 08, 2021 | Team StoRegister

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the Self Storage Business to a new dimension of digitization facilitating remote management of the facility. As a result, Self Storage Operators started looking for Self-Storage Software fast, interactive, and modern software built on a technology stack that provides best performance and out of box security and also integrates with multiple industry specific third-party solutions like Payment Gateways, Access Control System, Accounting Solutions, etc.

Self Storage Management Software referred as the heart of the self storage business as it takes care of end-to-end operations on daily basis. It is very important for storage operators to understand its features and associated cost in order to bolster your decision. In the process of digitalization of a Storage Facility, self storage management software plays a vital role right from on-boarding tenants to handling documents to collection of payments.

It is always difficult to find software that 100% matches your business requirement, hence in certain cases storage owners had to compromise on certain things to adapt to a specific software and few storage owners end up subscribing to two different software solution to manage one business operation remotely. Especially this is true while managing diverse vertical of self storage business and automation has become the blood and sole of today modern self storage software.

Initially the self storage software were only performing the task managing the units and track the payments but today due to technology advancements, self storage software are gone far from the traditional facility management system and do lot of tasks beyond the expectation as listed below:

  • One Unified Interactive Dashboard
  • Quick view of Facility with Sitemap
  • Automated Invoicing and Collection of Payments
  • Automated Email and SMS Communication
  • Easy Online Booking in just few clicks
  • Advanced Revenue Management and Reporting

Being said that StoRegister is built on advanced technology with most modern graphical user interface and customizable self storage management software that allows Self Storage Owners to manage more than one Storage Types. It allows Business Owners to manage its operation under one or more business or brand name linked to one or more facilities under "All-in-One" software. With the cutting edge technology, we ensure that StoRegister adapts your business model without you making any compromises. So, be prepared to choose a software solution that meets your operational needs for long run.