Significance of E-Signature in Self Storage Software

June 19, 2021 | Team StoRegister
E-Signature in Self Storage Software

Today Self Storage Businesses have gone a long way from traditional pen and paper management method. Due to technical advancements, self storage business owners moving towards remote management whereas tenants are more convenient towards online booking and reservations as they do not find time to trip to self storage facilities to make an inquiry.

More than 50% of the target audience prefer booking self storage space online as they find all the information regarding the storage size, amenities including rental price on the website which becomes easy for them to compare and do the booking from home.

Online booking becomes complete solution when tenants can review the lease agreement and sign the document. So, Self Storage Software with inbuilt E-Signature feature makes your business operation it simple, easy and secured. Thus, StoRegister offers an inbuilt e-sign feature for tenants to sign the lease agreement after review. StoRegister online document wallet keep all your documents secured and password protected to avoid unauthorized access.