StoRegister never fails to abide the local laws and as a part of GDPR compliance, we have data center in specific to region viz Europe, United States and Asia.

StoRegister adopts the concept of region-based cloud data center to comply with new Data Digital Regulation relates to data transfer within the borders. It also helps us to maintain application performance and these mechanisms provide application resiliency and availability via automatic failover and load balancing.

What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) lays down the set of rules and regulation in order to protect the Personal Data of all European citizens. It also imposes uniform data security law to all European citizens and businesses who handle the personal data of EU citizens.

How StoRegister adhere to GDPR guidelines?

We understand the importance of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). StoRegister has taken initiative to abide the GDPR guidelines to its fullest.

Right to be Informed: As a service provider we will keep our customers informed whose personal data is transferred outside the border.

Right to access: We have clearly stated our Privacy Policy in reference to the use of your personal data that we collect.

Right to Rectification: You or your clients can anytime rectify or modify the personal data or can contact us to do the changes on your behalf.

Right to Erasure ('right to be forgotten'): If your client wants to remove their personal data, then you can just delete them from the application or intimate our team so we can delete the same on your behalf.

Right to Data Portability: As a customer you can extract all your client's personal data in excel or .csv file.

Right to Object: At any point of time, you can exercise the right to object to stop using your personal data for any kind of Direct Marketing.

Please note: StoRegister may timely update the system regarding Data Processing and Data Security as and when there is new regulation come into effect under GDPR.

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