StoRegister's SSO (Single Sign On) feature manages all the User logins and access to the application via IAM (Identity and Access Management).

Unlike other Storage Management Solutions using readily available third-party authentication platforms, StoRegister is the FIRST Self Storage Software to implement OAUTH2 architecture and manage all the User Logins and Access to the application via our Own IAM (Identity and Access Management). Our IAM platform acts as a one digital identity hub for all the users accessing our application.

Data Security in StoRegister IAM

Data Security

Data Security is one of the key guidelines of GDPR and as a part of the compliance we validate Users with external providers like Microsoft and Google.

Two Factor Authentication in StoRegister IAM

Two Factor Authentication

As a second layer of security, users can validate their identity using Microsoft or Google Authenticator App.

One Time Password in StoRegister IAM

One Time Password

For User who sign up to our Application directly, will receive an OTP to their registered email address to validate their identity.

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