Role of Single Sign-On in Self Storage Software

June 13, 2021 | Team StoRegister
Role of SSO in Self Storage Software

Self Storage Industry is moving towards "Remote Management" and "Contactless Booking". So, Self Storage Owners and Operators started looking for the cutting-edge technology platforms to manage the daily business operations.

Self Storage Software has now become a must in self storage business of any size. As technology advances, the associated risk also increases. Like other businesses, Self Storage Business are prone to cyberattacks so most of the Enterprise Self Storage companies follow certain Security Protocols and train their employees regarding unauthorized access, password sharing policy, etc when compared to small and medium business.

What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a user authentication service platform which allows users to use one of their personal or professional email credentials to access the multiple applications.

How Single Sign On works?

Single Sign On is a one unified authentication platform built on OAUTH2 (Open Authorization) framework that allows user's account information to be used without exposing the password.

OAUTH2 (identity provider) bridges between the end user and the service provider by providing an access token that authorizes the specific user account information. When a user tries to access the service providers application, the service provider will send a request to identity provider for authentication. Once the authentication is successful, the user is allowed to login to the application.

Benefits of Single Sign On:

  1. SSO allows user to maintain one login credentials to access multiple apps thus reduces pain of managing multiple user credentials.
  2. Streamlines the process of sign up and login to the application so user need not re-enter the password.
  3. Improves security protocols and capabilities.
  4. Lesser password reset complaints.
  5. Streamlines user experience as there is no need for repeated logins.

Is Single Sign On authentication process secured?

In short, yes! It is of course secured and viable solution that boost the overall security of the application while used on internet.

Two Factor Authentication is another layer of security to validate twice before granting access to the application.

Does StoRegister offer SSO solution?

Yes!! StoRegister help users to get rid of password fatigue and ensure complete data security using Single Sign-On feature to manage sign in and sign out to the application not only to our customers (business operators) but we also carter the services to our customer's end users (tenants). We integrate with external provider like Microsoft and Google where users can use their official or personal email user credentials to access the application along with advanced risk analysis engine reCAPTCHA which protects the Application against automated spam software. We also offer Two Factor Authentication for users to validate their Identity using Google or Microsoft Authenticator App or verify One Time Password sent to registered email.